Frugal Living is a Key to the Financial Freedom You Deserve

Frugal living strategies have helped me become debt- free, retire early, stretch my dollars, be more self-reliant, and enjoy financial freedom and peace of mind. If this sounds appealing, then this site is a good place for you to be. Here you'll find over 560 pages of quality material for your review and use.

Clair Schwan of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Welcome, my name is Clair Schwan. I’m here to offer you concepts and practical advice to help you live with minimal debt, preferably debt-free. Lots of people like to say they're debt-free because they don't have credit card debt, but I'm talking about owning outright everything you have, including your home, but especially your life and time. That's what I call debt-free.

I'm also here to show you how to get out of debt and stay out of debt. There are methods you can use, but mostly it's a mindset for the long haul; a frame of mind that you need to adopt, embrace and live by.

Adopt a mindset of frugal living and wise decision-making, then "hang tough" and you'll come out at the other end just fine.

Frugal living means not following the crowds, for most of the time they have no idea where they're going.

I've achieved financial freedom, and you can too. I'm not a financial genius, just a stubborn individual who refuses to follow the crowd -- and for good reason.

I've almost never seen a crowd heading in a direction that I wanted to go. Perhaps that's why the crowd goes to work each day, and I don't. I left the traditional working world at age own kind of self-retirement.

Go ahead and call me a contrarian, many people have. From my perspective, it's not a pejorative, it's a compliment, and I'm just fine with being different.

What is Frugal Living About?

Frugal living can involve penny pinching, but don't think that will save the day. It takes much more.

Being frugal is about wise and thrifty living. It doesn’t mean you have to be a tightwad or cheapskate, but you can pinch pennies if it makes you feel better. I do it. For me, pinching pennies is a matter of being consistent, but it clearly won't be what makes any of us a big success takes much more focus on what I call "big chunks."

Keep in mind, the greatest keys to success are making good use of your money and practicing what has been effective in building wealth for others. Much of it is common sense, but sadly, good sense is becoming less common amidst our "I want it now" lifestyle.

I hope that my advice will help you hone your skills in many areas to achieve both higher income and wiser use of your money -- two important keys to building wealth.

It's so easy to flush money down the drain. Be frugal and make more thoughtful decisions about how you use your money.

If there is a single key to financial freedom it's understanding the value of money. If you don't appreciate its value, you're likely to waste it. I'll tell you personal stories that illustrate important concepts to help you be more successful with your cash, and prevent your money from going right down the drain.

My Trouble and Recovery

I'm very comfortable with my financial condition now, but it wasn’t always that way. My good frugal decision-making helped me save up a small fortune over 15 years of hard work. Bad decision-making let it slip away in less than 3 years.

Once I got back to wise money management and frugal living, I was able to get out of debt and recover a small fortune in only 7 years.

I’m back on top now, and I'm here to stay. You should be here too. I’m ready to help you get here if that is your intention.

Stay with me and together we’ll explore making extra money, work from home opportunities, techniques for saving money, and strategies for building wealth. You’ll also learn ways to save money on groceries, fuel, home repair and maintenance, and live on one income based on a reasonable household budget that is well understood. Having financial freedom is a lot like being wealthy, it takes a commitment. It's not something that can be changed overnight.

If I can be successful, then you can too. It's mostly a matter of determination. You don't have to be a financial genius to accumulate wealth. And, when I say wealth I'm referring to much more than money, I'm talking about that which you value and want for yourself and your family to provide a life that is free from the constant worry about having enough money. For me, that means a home that is completely paid for, and items that make my life comfortable and convenient.

They owe, they owe, so off to work they go.

Being wealthy means you're less tied to going to work each day. What could possibly be wrong with that? I sure can't think of anything.

Even if you're not wealthy, when you're in charge of your own financial destiny, you get more latitude with respect to your time. Do you want to spend time in traffic or out in the yard relaxing? I vote for just about anything besides traffic.

How about you?

Think of the Rewards of a Frugal Life

Many people wonder, "Why should I learn about frugal living and how to save money?" Because it helps us accumulate the things we really want to have, things that mean so much in our lives. Things like:

  • A home without a mortgage
  • Vehicles without monthly payments
  • Carefree living without a regular job
  • A high standard of living
  • Financial freedom
  • Peace of mind
  • More leisure time

Our happiness and standard of living centers on making wise financial decisions every day. Adopt a mindset of frugal living, and you will be making better decisions than you probably have in years.

For long term success, you’ll need to fine tune your thinking into a mindset of working where your skills earn you the most, and spending money where and how it buys you the most. Short term success can be had by practicing some of the frugal living tips I offer. Most are easy. Some can be a bit more challenging.

The more intense your commitment, the bigger the rewards, and the sooner you'll enjoy them.

I'm frugal, yet I still use a credit card. My frugality is probably why I have plenty of cash sitting next to my credit cards.

No matter what your financial condition or income, you can enjoy wealth and abundance and real freedom of choice when you apply some of the fundamentals of a frugal lifestyle. All you have to do is give it a good try. Follow some of the suggestions you’ll find here at Frugal Living Freedom to see how well they work. Master your own financial fate!

Don't settle for an ordinary life because of money trouble. Reprogram yourself so you're practicing frugal living. It will take time and effort, but the rewards are well worth it.

Three Important Notes

Living in the USA is a double edged sword; it's great to have freedom, but we're also a mindless consumer-oriented society. Thankfully, you have the freedom to change that for yourself.

First, we are talking about frugal living, a soft technology. Something that can be learned, but it doesn’t seem to “stick” very well from one generation to the next. If this were simply another hard technology, I would send you one in a box and that would be it. It isn’t that easy. You’ll have to change some of your core beliefs and behaviors to be successful. It can be done if you're determined to do it.

Second, I make no apologies for my reference to and focus on America. This is my birthplace and home.

Third, I have no formula to recommend that will help assure your success. Everyone is so very different. There isn't just one approach that will work for all, but I trust that much of what I have to offer will be useful and at least get you thinking about the possibilities. That's always a good place to start.

The Bottom Line

The idea of this site is to provide you with a wide range of discussion about concepts, philosophies and practical examples so you can formulate your own approach to frugal living and financial freedom. No one can build your version of frugal living for you, it's a do-it-yourself (with help) type of effort.

When you think of it, structuring your own personal approach means you'll be much more likely to follow it through to success - because it's of your own invention. Good fortune to everyone who sincerely tries to better their financial position and who work "hard and smart" toward a more secure future. I wish you the peace of mind you richly deserve.

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Feel free to provide me with your constructive comments so I can improve my message of hope for others who struggle.

Living well, and well within your means...

That's the motto here.

A good life is within our grasp, even with a relatively modest income.

Once we understand that wealth has less to do with producing income and much more to do with preserving it, we'll be in a better position to improve our financial situation for the long haul and provide a good life for ourselves and our family.

If you're here to give frugal living a good try, and your sights are set on more financial freedom and possibly becoming debt-free, then you can count on my help. Welcome to Frugal Living Freedom.