Welcome to another issue of the newsletter. I am sending this to keep you informed of what is happening on the website.

I've been a writing fool lately, adding more than 30 new pages in as many days.

The big news is that I now have more than 200 pages on the site. That's the size of a large book, and that's what I wanted - a book that I can update easily on my own rather than a large book that I would have to reprint in order to update.

I have another 125 pages planned, and I'll probably add another 50 or so to that before I'll consider the site to be "complete." Frankly I don't think it will ever be completed. The more I write, the more I think about writing. And, I keep seeing where improvements can be made for better organization and easier reading.

Here is an overview of the new pages:

I've bolstered the Do It Yourself section with several pages about common tasks like: using plastic wall anchors and metal wall anchors, and an alternative approach to mounting things to the wall - for keeps. I also created a page that discusses the versatile drywall screw.

In the kitchen, I have provided a different approach to washing dishes and dish drying using a dishwasher.

In the world of small animals, I've answered the question what do chickens eat, and I've provided some insights regarding free range chickens, natural chicken food, and cheap chicken food.

Staying with the chicken theme, I offer some insights about what a broody hen is all about, and what you can do about it, and I provide suggestions about proper egg storage. There are also new pages about the shelf life of eggs and what to do with old eggs.

With the economy the way it is, your household has probably seen, heard or experienced some money lending, so I thought I would post some articles on personal lending, family loans, and lending money to a friend.

I'll try to pedal this next one lightly because some folks will be sensitive about it. If you know anything about me, you know that I don't watch television. I think it hurts us far more than it helps us. In what I promise is my last effort to round out this subject, I created a page to discuss the effects of television and a page to discuss the negative influence of television. I did this mostly to take the TV Addiction page and break it into smaller pages, and I wanted to round out and finish up on discussion of the topic.

Except for the effects of advertising and promotion that we see on TV, I recognize my comments in these new pages on TV are "off topic" and therefore I won't raise the subject again.

In a page about the cost of a cup of coffee, I take exception to restaurants asking $7 for breakfast and $2 for coffee. You might find the logic and math behind this to be interesting. I look at this as just another version of bottled water - way more expensive than gasoline.

Based on personal experiences, I put together some pages to address timely topics such as: how to become debt free, how to get rid of debt, how to reduce debt, living debt free, living on less money, and living on less.

To address happenings in the marketplace, I built a page that answers the question why is gas so expensive, and one to address how retail sales establishments have trained us as consumers, and how we can use it to our advantage.

A page has been added to Money Making Scams that addresses the question of true or a scam by recalling a situation that I experienced not too long ago.

My neighbor calls me a survivalist, and that's not true, so I thought it would be helpful to provide insight to my readers so they'll know that I'm a thrivalist. Nevertheless, I do practice being prepared, so here is a page where I offer a basic emergency preparedness checklist for both your home and car.

Last, but not least, I created a page that provides good insight into one of my core beliefs. I believe instead of complaining about what the marketplace is offering, or the price they are demanding, you need to do something about it. Sometimes what needs to be done is boycotting the product or service, like those $2 cups of coffee, and other times a good approach is to create your own marketplace alternatives.

If you are receiving this in text format, the links to the new pages might not be complete. You'll have to copy and paste the link into your browser in order for it to take you to the correct page.

Also, some of these newsletters "bounce", and I have no idea of which ones don't get through. So, if you aren't receiving the newsletter regularly, please take a look at the back issues available through the link below.

I wish you all the best,


There certainly is a broad scope of topics here at Frugal Living Freedom. When you think about it, money permeates so very many activities in our lives, therefore, being frugal encompasses a wide range of interests, from being employed to taking a vacation, and just about everything in between. Enjoy the variety, pick up some new ideas, and start making frugality a part of your signature.

I'm a big proponent of being debt-free, and I mean entirely debt-free - no mortgage payment. It's not essential for financial freedom, but you'll love the feeling once you get there. If you didn't have a rent or mortgage payment, how much more could you do for yourself with your current level of income? I suspect plenty.

If you ever hope to see an abundance of wealth, you need to plug the hole in your boat. The wealthy don't necessarily make lots of money, instead, they know how to hang onto what they make, and make it work for them.