Welcome to the kick-off issue of my newsletter. As promised, I am sending this to subscribers to keep them informed of what is happening on the website.

Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. I am honored that you have expressed an interest in staying abreast of website content, and are interested in my insights regarding a frugal and debt free life.

I'm happy to announce that recently I have added 5 pages as follows:

1) I have uploaded pictures and a detailed discussion of an inexpensive way to build a greenhouse out of PVC and wood. I will build one of these myself, but with ripstop woven poly like I have used for my other greenhouses. We need it to stand up to the high winds we have out here.

If you're thinking about a cheap greenhouse that is easy to construct. This might be just right for you. A link in the page also takes you to a complete materials list and photos of a crew as they assemble it.

Take me to PVC Greenhouse

2) I have created a page to discuss the economic sense of buying and using forever stamps available at the post office. As you'll see in the discussion, they are fine for normal use (although they are a first of a kind issue), but don't try to save money by stocking up on them. They aren't a good investment no matter how you look at them.

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3) I've had fun in the past with telemarketers. It sure beats getting upset with them. Sure, you can just hang up, but perhaps you'd like to have some fun like I do. Enjoy reading how I have some fun and rid myself of the telemarketers.

Take me to Stop Telemarketers

4) There have been any number of money making scams that people have pulled on me. I discuss a few on this new page. The last example on the page was one that really intimidated me, and I'm not easily intimidated. It was an Air Cleaner scam. These slick professional hustlers made me think of how vulnerable some people would be if they weren't well prepared for the scammers and tough-minded. Read this and be better prepared.

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5) Since we are all interested in saving money on gas, I thought that I would do the math and show people how keeping your old and not-so-economical car might be a much better use of money than trying to buy a newer more economical set of wheels. It's not for everyone, but if you really are focused on lowering your cost of transportation, instead of just getting good fuel economy, you might be surprised at what the numbers show. I hope it inspires you to recalculate how much you spend on your transportation.

Take me to Good Used Cars

If you are receiving this in text format, the links to the new pages might not be complete. You'll have to copy and paste the link into your browser in order for it to take you to the correct page. Please use the Contact Form on the website to let me know you're having trouble, and I'll send you the links directly via e-mail.


Thanks again for subscribing, and good fortune to you.

There certainly is a broad scope of topics here at Frugal Living Freedom. When you think about it, money permeates so very many activities in our lives, therefore, being frugal encompasses a wide range of interests, from being employed to taking a vacation, and just about everything in between. Enjoy the variety, pick up some new ideas, and start making frugality a part of your signature.

I'm a big proponent of being debt-free, and I mean entirely debt-free - no mortgage payment. It's not essential for financial freedom, but you'll love the feeling once you get there. If you didn't have a rent or mortgage payment, how much more could you do for yourself with your current level of income? I suspect plenty.

If you ever hope to see an abundance of wealth, you need to plug the hole in your boat. The wealthy don't necessarily make lots of money, instead, they know how to hang onto what they make, and make it work for them.