Attic Insulation - your #1 priority

If you have ample attic insulation, it will make a tremendous difference in the temperature of your house.

Remember that energy is always trying to move from a higher state to a lower state. Insulation in the attic combats the rising heat during winter that is trying to escape out through your roof.

In the summer, radiation and convection of heat from the roof to your ceilings is slowed with that same attic insulation, so it serves a double purpose.

I've always heard people say to insulate the attic, so one day I decided to do just that. I spent about $700 in home insulation in the cramped attic space. Our R-12 ceiling insulation was supplemented with R-25 rolled insulation, giving us a two-fold increase in resistance to heat rising up through the ceiling in the winter, and heat coming down through the ceiling to heat up the house in the summer.

My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. The difference was noticeable the very next morning, and we weren’t trying to heat or cool anything. That's impressive. I believe it can provide payback in 2 years or less.

After I finish some work associated with the ceiling, I’ll be having a company blow in more attic insulation to seal up cracks and small voids. This will add to the insulation level and reduce minor imperfections that are likely to exits when using rolled insulation.

Attic insulation will probably provide you with the highest sustained return on investment of any home insulation task that you undertake. It makes a huge difference in the comfort level and energy efficiency of your home.

Our small wood burning fireplace insert in the kitchen is now capable of heating the entire upstairs of 2,000 square feet because we have much better insulation in the attic helping to retain the heat that we were blowing into the house off of that wood stove. This is why insulation of the attic is among the best of the energy saving tips.

Of all the energy saving tips, insulating your attic will probably provide you with the highest sustained return on investment - year after year. It makes a huge difference in the comfort level and energy efficiency of your home.

Conservation of energy involves using less. It also involves allowing less of it to be lost. As my friend Aram says, "It's not the heat you use, it's the heat you lose."

Heat rises, so it's constantly trying to escape through your ceiling and attic area. Insulate it well to keep your the hard earned money you spend on heating from rising up, up, up and away.

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