Auctioneer Styles Can Be Different

The style of an auctioneer can be broken down into speed, starting price and gab.

Let's look at all three characteristics to see what they entail and how we might be smarter bidders by understanding the approach of those that are doing the selling.

Auctions are fun, but they're more fun if you can get what you'd like to have, and get it at a "steal" of a price.

Here we go.

Speed. Some auctioneers want to move through the merchandise quickly, so you better not hesitate with respect to bidding. This happens especially if they have a great deal of material to sell in a short period of time.

If you wait until bids slow down and start "sticking" before bidding just a little higher to win the item, you might place your bid just as he or she hollers out "sold".

The speedy one might also not get a bid for an item and have to keep lowering the starting bid in order to obtain one. If she is tired of lowering the price and you jump in at some point to get her started with a bid, she may call out "sold" just to move onto the next item. That is a way for you to snag an item at a reasonable price, but if you delay, the item goes to someone else.

Below an auctioneer spots a bid in the back of the crowd.

Here an auctioneer recognizes a bid for some artwork being sold at a neighborhood auction.

It is important to be aware that the auctioneer has recognized your bid. They might be recognizing a bidder standing close to you. Be certain to make your initial bid clear by holding your hand up high. They will look closely for any other bids coming from you once they know you are interested, so a simple nod of the head will likely be sufficient, but when in doubt, make your bid obvious so you don't lose out.

Remember, you're there to get things at a bargain price. It's one approach to frugal living, so don't let it slip away because you're slow or inconspicuous.

Starting price. An auctioneer will typically ask for a price like "who’ll start me off at ten dollars" or "let’s start at ten, ten dollars for this item, ten, ten, ten to go". The blabber is to give folks a chance to jump in with a $10 bid. It is clear that the opening bid hasn’t been found yet and they are looking for it. "Who’ll give me ten to get started" seems to say it all.

Another style of starting a bid is to call out a starting bid as though they have one already. They don’t really have one, but it sounds like it. For example, he might say: “ten, now fifteen, fifteen, fifteen, fifteen, where’s fifteen for this item?" or "ten, now fifteen, ten now fifteen, we have ten, now fifteen".

This sounds like someone has bid $10 and he is looking for $15 to be the next highest increment. Keep listening, and you might hear him say: "five, five, five, who’ll give me five?"

If you jump in at $15 thinking that there is already a bid for $10, then you would be misled. Understand the selling style first before jumping in with a bid. It could save you some money.

Gab. An auctioneer has a gift for gab. They tell anecdotes and make up jokes on the fly. They are trying to cajole you into making a bid on the item. This is a fun activity and is intended to persuade you into bidding.

You’ll hear things like "it’s well worth it" or "this bidder knows the value of this item" and other encouraging remarks. You need to enjoy the gab but not let it influence you.

Other gab can be intended to describe an item in painful detail so to illicit bids. In these cases, I just want to wear a shirt that says: "Shut up and sell". I don’t want to hear how very nice the tea cup set is. I want to move onto the item that I know about because I have examined it first-hand and have my mind made up on its value.

Sometimes the gab can be humorous and sometimes it can be a bit distracting. As long as you don’t find it annoying, you’ll do just fine with the auctioneer.

Enjoy auctions as part of your frugal living lifestyle, and be a better bidder by learning the style of the "barker" at the auction.

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