Build Your Own Greenhouse and you can Grow Produce Year Round

If you build your own greenhouse, you can be swimming in produce.

You can build your own greenhouse for fruits, vegetables and flowers. I did, so you can too. Whether you call it a greenhouse, hothouse, high tunnel, hoop house or whatever else, the idea is to create an environment that is conducive to growing plants. This environment controls temperature and humidity, and reduces the effects of wind and temperature changes.

My greenhouses produce fresh vegetables of good quality and wide variety. With good planning, a greenhouse can help you eliminate the produce bill altogether. Wouldn't that be nice!

Build your own greenhouse and enjoy large heads of lettuce like this one.

There are many styles of greenhouses, including those constructed of Steel Building materials, and many types of glazing materials as well. I have looked at kits and decided that building my own is the best idea. Doing it myself gives me the strength I am looking for, designs to fit my needs, and something just the right size.

Of course, I save money when I do it myself. I’d like to think that a cheap greenhouse, well constructed that functions as intended is just what most of us serious gardeners are looking for.

I certainly don't need to spend $18,000 to have a nice large greenhouse. Neither do you.

Consider taking the opportunity to build your own greenhouse for the same reasons I did:

  • An outbuilding can be put to better use.
  • Design and construction is something a homeowner can handle.
  • You can build a greenhouse stronger than a kit.
  • It is about half the cost of a kit.
  • No specialized materials – everything is available at the hardware store.
  • You choose glazing materials for strength and longevity.
My greenhouses provide plenty of greens like these kale leaves.
  • Commercially available vents, fans and other accessories are easy to incorporate.
  • Grow great vegetables year round.
  • An excellent way to address the rising price of food, be better prepared for marketplace interruptions, and provide clean produce for you and your family.

If you build your own greenhouse with materials that are readily available, then you can save money and build a greenhouse just the way you want it. With our high winds and hail out here, I needed greater strength and durability, so I set about designing and building my own.

A ready-made greenhouse kit solves any concern you might have about designing the structure, but that’s about it. You still have to build it yourself or hire someone else to do it.

Materials in a kit are going to be more expensive and specialized, so you spend more money on materials and you're limited on sources for parts.

Can you build your own greenhouse? Of course you can. If I can, you can.

If I can be successful, you can too. You don't have to be an experience builder to be successful.

I won’t lead you into thinking that you can build a greenhouse in a weekend, unless you are interested in a greenhouse that is very small or one that is constructed out of PVC pipe and plastic film. If you want a permanent building that you can work comfortably in, one that will last for many years, then you’ll need to invest a couple weeks of effort, and have a friend or two help.

Build your own greenhouse and enjoy wonderful harvests. Thirty-six pounds of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, ground cherries and squash, and 37 eggs.

The rewards are great when you build your own greenhouse. You have something of lasting value that will help feed you and your family for many years, even in the winter. You also have a place that is comfortable to work in year round. With just a little sand on the floor it could be a “beach retreat” during the winter.

Let’s look at some ideas that I have implemented.

As you review this, keep in mind that I am not a construction expert, and I have limited building experience. I know which end of a hammer to use, but my knowledge and skills are limited.

Thankfully, limited construction experience is all you need to build your own greenhouse into something that is strong and useful. Mostly what you need is determination.

My experience so far suggests that if you build your own greenhouse and it isn’t up to contemporary professional construction standards, the plants don’t care in the least. They still grow like crazy and provide you a bounty the likes of which you won’t see in an outdoor garden.

Go to these links for either an overview or details on each of my homemade greenhouses. Perhaps you'll be inspired to build your own one day.

My first build your own greenhouse project...a shop converted into a small greenhouse.

Small Greenhouse #1 - Overview

Small Greenhouse #1 - Project Details, Converted Wooden Shop

My second greenhouse project, all of original design and built from scratch.

DIY Greenhouse #2 - Overview

DIY Greenhouse #2 - Project Details, Sunken Walkway Greenhouse

Greenhouse project number three, a Quonset hut style greenhouse.

Solar Greenhouse #3 - Overview

Solar Greenhouse #3 - Project Details, Large Quonset Hut

You can also build your own greenhouse out of PVC piping instead of wood or metal. It sounds odd, but it works great and it's inexpensive. Take a look at the structure below.

Build your own greenhouse from PVC, it's really quite easy.

PVC Greenhouse - Project Details

If you're looking to build your own greenhouse from a commercial kit, then the following links are for you.

If you build your own greenhouse from a kit, like this low tunnel, you simply focus on assembly.

Low Tunnel - Project Details

If you build your own greenhouse like this high tunnel, you'll likely need help.

High Tunnel - Project Details

My neighbors want to build a greenhouse out of wood, and other friends of mine have done just that. See the wooden greenhouse that they crafted.

And, how about a seedling greenhouse for use in open garden beds or inside your larger greenhouse? It's another idea to help protect your plants and extend the normal growing season.

After you build your own greenhouse, you might want to learn how to make a cloche to help your plants get an even earlier start, and help extend their growing and harvest season well into the colder months using winter vegetables.

Done with Build Your Own Greenhouse, take me back to Home

Having your own greenhouse is a key to creating viable marketplace alternatives to the ever rising price of produce in the grocery store.

A greenhouse is a great way to grow produce year round, even without additional heat. It's also an excellent way to be better prepared for marketplace interruptions.

With a greenhouse, you're in better control of your food supply in terms of variety, cost, availability, and knowing exactly what's in it and on it.

I use the small indoor greenhouse shown below to help get my seeds started. In fact, I own two of them. This product is lightweight yet strong, and it's a good alternative to a cold frame if you keep it indoors or at least out of high winds.

I own this excellent book, and it's a great reference for those of us involved in greenhouse gardening. I've yet to find a better book about greenhouses. To get a leg up on greenhouse gardening, this book is a must.

If you're not looking to build something yourself, and you'd like something a bit more modest in size, there are commercial alternatives to consider.