Butterstick Summer Squash - yumm!

Every year we grow Butterstick summer squash because it's a winner all the way around. It's prolific, delicious, easy to grow, and even when large, the squash is still tender and quite suitable for just about any application.

The plant produces an elongated squash, much like a zucchini, and it can grow to the size of your thigh if you let it. I like to pick it just after the blossoms start to dry up. If you pick it earlier, it's also very good.

Even though it's a zucchini type, it doesn't have a flavor like zucchini.

When prepared with butter, onions, thyme, cream and cheese, it makes a wonderful side dish that you just can't beat.

The plants grow easily and quickly, indoors or out. If given sufficient water, they'll grow to about 4 feet around. If given sufficient heat and water, expect something about 6 feet around. A faithful producer of light yellow fruit, it's not uncommon to count 12 or more squash under development on a single plant.

For a family of four, two plants will be sufficient to keep you in delicious yellow summer squash all season long. I grow mine in the greenhouse on a drip system, and they never fail to provide us with an abundance of excellent quality fruit.

If you're looking for a nice producer of delicious summer squash, Butterstick is what I recommend. It can be found near the top of my list of best vegetables. Try it and I think you'll agree that it's a winner that deserves a place in your vegetable garden every year.

This is the type of vegetable that once you discover it's value, you just won't miss out on it ever again. It will become a regular in your garden beds.

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