Carpooling - for regular commutes

When you think of the word carpooling, just what does it mean anyway? It means having several people ride in a car instead of just one. Perhaps that's why most cars have multiple seats, and seats in the back too. Imagine that!

The relative difficulty or cost of this tip is rated 1 to 10. A rating of 10 suggests that this tip is the most difficult or most costly. Expected savings are also rated 1 to 10. A rating of 10 suggests that this tip will provide substantial savings in fuel, money or both.

Carpooling. This has to be one of the better ideas for saving money and saving gas. Use one car and share the driving and the costs. In this way everyone can save money on gas. We have high occupancy vehicle lanes in congested areas in and around major cities, so let’s use them.

Many times large employers will facilitate employees sharing rides by having a ride share bulletin board or coordinating things like that through the personnel department. If they don’t do that where you work, then get something like that started on your own. Show others how to save money on gas by riding together.

Even cities and states have ride share programs that help put commuters in touch with one another to share the cost of commuting. This has to be one of the top gasoline saving tips because you get to share the cost of going to work with as many people as you can comfortably hold in your car.

Do you want to cut your commute costs by at least 66%? Just share a ride with two others. Using this approach, everyone can save money on gas and parking and tolls.

Cost or difficulty: 2
Savings: 6

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