Checklist for Used Car Buying - the interior

This checklist for used car buying focuses on the interior of the vehicle. Like the exterior, I'm less concerned about how pretty things are inside as long as the vehicle runs well, operates in a manner that meets my needs, and seems like it will be reliable.

Nevertheless, here is some guidance to help you pick up some "data points" when examining the interior of a vehicle.

___Check the odometer reading. Does it match with the condition of the driver's seat? High mileage and little wear on the seat would indicate highway miles - that's good. Low miles and lots of wear on the seat would indicate more getting in and out per mile - not bad, but a source of suspicion if you were told it was driven mostly on the highway.

___Take a look at the carpeting on the driver's side. If it's quite worn for the miles on the vehicle, that can indicate manual control of the throttle - something that an around town driver would do. If it's less worn in light of the miles on the vehicle, then that can indicate greater use of cruise control - as one would do out on the highway.

___Comfort is a big thing. Are the seats comfortable? Will they be comfortable for a long haul?

___Is there sufficient room in the back seat and trunk for what you intend to use the vehicle for?

___Seat belts and shoulder harnesses. Check to make certain they work.

___Also check operation of turn signals, brake lights, headlights, horn and windshield wipers. These are essential safety items associated with seeing and being seen.

___Objectionable smells in the car will be persistent, so keep your nose open too.

___Check comfort and convenience items such as windows, heat, air conditioning, vents and fan. If they don't work, can you live with that?

As mentioned previously, this checklist for used car buying isn't all that important to me, but certain elements of it might be very important to you. If you expect to go through a toll booth on a regular basis, you'll want a driver side window that operates. Perhaps an operable radio or stereo system is important for your needs. If so, put it to the test.

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