Efficiency Apartments - frugal living in small spaces

Efficiency apartments in America are of ample size in the eyes of most Japanese, but they can be a little cramped for the average American who is used to a little more "swinging room." Nevertheless, they have their place on our list of cheap housing simply because they can be less expensive and still meet our needs for a place to live.

The idea of an apartment that is "efficient" is simply that everything is in one room, except for the bathroom. It's a little like living in a large living room that has a kitchen connected to it. There may be a balcony or patio associated with the living space as well, and there will likely be a closet or two, but that's it.

So, your bedroom will likely be a couch in the main living area that pulls out into a bed, or perhaps a futon. Either way, you'll need double duty furniture in the living area because that's where you bed down at night. That means you'll need to get used to the idea that things get moved around a bit each evening and each morning as you change a living area into a sleeping area and back again.

Efficiency apartments are just fine as starter units. They are a good place to start until you know better about how well your cash flow can sustain you. Then, you might opt for a larger place with a separate bedroom.

For me, such a place would lose its appeal after a year or so. And, you might find that there will likely come a time when the savings won't seem worthwhile. In other words, the extra space will be worth the slight extra cost. Nevertheless, if you're looking for a permanent place to call home, and every dollar counts, then one of these apartments can work just fine.

When I traveled extensively, it hardly mattered where on the planet I lived, let alone how large my place was. One of these "efficient" living spaces would have worked out just fine.

Living in efficiency apartments is a good option if you're really only looking for a place to call home, but you don't do much living there. If most of your time is spent on the road, in an airplane, or at work, or if you have a busy social life that takes you away from the apartment frequently and for hours at a time, then living in such a small space might not be an issue at all.

In any case, efficiency apartments are an option to consider when you're looking for affordable housing, and other alternatives just aren't all that appealing.

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