Frugal Friends from Wyoming

All my frugal friends are welcome to stop by and see what I'm up to. Few take me up on my offer because I live on that other planet called Wyoming.

But for fellow Wyomingites, the trip isn't nearly a scary as it might be for others. However, since our state is nearly 100,000 square miles in area, even a fellow Wyomingite might have quite a hike to get here.

Nevertheless, I was contacted in the summer of 2009 by Kitty and Ed. They were looking for help with identifying a greenhouse that would work with their situation. I was happy to help, so we had a nice couple of conversations on the phone. I convinced them that looking at something firsthand was the way to go, so they pointed their vehicle in my direction, and Ellen and I then had some nice company over the weekend.

Kitty and Ed study up on greenhouses.

Quite a bit of our time was spent looking at things in the greenhouses, talking about options for building and buying, and discussing ground preparations like soil amendments, underground heating with solar power, and water and electric supplies.

We also got to take a few pictures as well.

Clair Schwan and his new friends inside one of the greenhouses.

After our discussions at my place, and some turnip tasting, we headed to visit with the Wissners out east of town to see their high and low tunnel made from greenhouse kits. Catherine and Martin were gracious hosts, and we all learned about the do's and don'ts of the high and low tunnels.

One of the tidbits we picked up from Catherine was the fact that pine needles are just fine for use as a mulch. Catherine told us that it's a myth that pine needles are too acidic to use for mulch. She must be a firm believer in that because we saw several large bags of pine needles in her high tunnel for turning into the soil.

All in all, it was a great visit. We helped someone, and Ellen and I made new friends.

Last I heard, our frugal friends Kitty and Ed are going to get a high tunnel with roll up sides and some vents for the upper ends. They have a nice location for the structure, and they are focused on doing it right.

Location for Kitty and Ed's greenhouse in Wyoming.

One of the fun things about helping people learn about what you're doing is that you get to make friends. Being engaged in frugal living can certainly save you some money, but having great frugal friends is priceless.

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