Frugal Living Tips - live well on less

Many frugal living tips provide limited payback, but when done consistently over time, it can amount to substantial savings.

Can frugal living tips help you save money every day? Yes, and quite often it's just a few coins or dollars at a time, but eventually they add up to big savings. A frugal lifestyle is a good way to start saving money, and that's where these tips come in handy.

Here are three sets of specific tips to help better define how one might implement a lifestyle characterized by frugality.

My first set of tips are relatively easy. Everyone should be able to incorporate a good many of these into their lives.

The second set is more challenging, but with higher payback. The third set contains the most challenging, and as you might expect, they offer the largest pain, no gain.

When combined, these three sets of tips should provide you with many opportunities to make better decisions when spending money on a daily basis.

Our better spending decisions can make a big difference in our bottom line.

Each of the frugal living tips below links to a detailed discussion on the topic. The first set of tips are organized by general category. The other two sets of frugal living tips are not organized by category because there aren't nearly as many of them. None of the tips are presented in any particular order of importance, that's left up to my readers.

Happy browsing!

Easy Frugal Living Tips

These frugal living tips should be relatively easy to implement by most people. Don't get concerned if they don't apply to you. Simply move on to other tips that pique your interest.

Frugal living tips for entertainment and gifts.

Entertainment and Gifts

  • Save money on entertainment at home and on the town.
  • Make homemade gifts for Christmas and Birthdays. There are many free or nearly free homemade gift ideas like a smoked turkey, cookies, breads and ornaments. Let your imagination run wild.
  • Whether it's the state lottery or multi-state powerball, you'll be better off if you simply avoid it altogether.

Frugal living tips for protecting your financial interests.

Financial Defensiveness

Frugal living tips for food and drink.

Food and Beverages

I suppose recommendations for alcohol really shouldn't be in a list of frugal living tips, but we can't ignore the finer things in life either. After all, the motto here is "living well...and well within your means" so I'd hate to think that we live complete devoid of affordable luxuries. You might be interested in my wine review for Octavin box wines. It was my pleasure to review their product.

Frugal living tips that lead you to free stuff.

Some Things are Free of Charge

  • Take advantage of free stuff for a frugal life at little or no cost.
  • If you haven't tried FreeCycle, then you really should. It's a way to obtain items you want just for the cost of going to pick them up.

Frugal living tips for cheaper health care.

Health Care

Frugal living tips for around the house.

Household Savings Tips

  • You can save thousands of dollars if you cut your own hair at home.
  • Be aware that forever stamps are a bad investment.
  • Save money with these handy kitchen tips.
  • How about saving money when dish drying while using a dishwasher?
  • These frugal living tips for the kitchen also include an alternative approach to washing dishes that can save you time and money.
  • Save water and the expense of dishwasher detergent by doing dishes using a technique that I think works much better than cleaning dishes by hand or letting the dishwasher do them.
  • Here are my laundry tips that help me be more economical when doing the wash.

Frugal living tips for those willing to alter their own lifestyle.

Living and Lifestyles

  • Team with others so you can enjoy some luxury while living on less.
  • Discover the cash value of discarded items by becoming a scrapper.

Frugal living tips for those interested in making things instead of buying them.

Make it Yourself

Frugal living tips for shopping.


  • Get some great deals at auctions.
  • Bid wisely at an auction once you understand the auctioneer style.
  • Here are some bidding tips to help win auctions items at the best price.
  • Become familiar with the auction style of selling so you can be aware of how best to bid.
  • Learn frugal shopping techniques and be a smart shopper who saves.
  • Bargain hunters know that garage sales are a neighborhood bonanza. Perhaps you'll run into some of the great garage sale finds like I have.
  • The retail sales industry has trained us, so let's make good use of our training.
  • Here are some yard sale tips to help you have a more satisfying experience with private sales.

Frugal living tips for technology items.

Telephone, Computer, Electronics

Frugal living tips to help save money on our transportation needs.

Transportation and Fuel

Frugal living tips for more efficient energy usage.


More Challenging Frugal Living Tips

The following frugal living tips are considerably more challenging. They represent things that I would expect only a small percentage of people to be able to do. Some require investment, some require a spirit of adventure, and some require you to be well motivated to make a significant change in your life.

General interest and enthusiasm for these frugal living tips will be hard to find, but I include them here as suggestions for the brave, the fearless, and the adventurous among us.

The Best Frugal Living Tips

The whole idea of frugal living tips wouldn't be complete without a section dedicated to the "best of" tips for a frugal and happy life. The idea is to provide you with what I think are the "heavy hitters," the ones that give you the best return on investment of time, money and effort. So, here they are folks, the best money saving ideas I can think of. Implement these tips as you see fit as part of your lifestyle of frugality.

Done with Frugal Living Tips, take me Home

We all exercise a different approach to frugal living. Here are others with their own spin on how we might enjoy more financial success by holding the line on life's expenses.