Greenhouse End View

The typical greenhouse end view is shown below. It depicts the relationship between purlins, ribs, door framing and foundation elements. It also shows the half-moon shaped vent over the door frame.

As shown in the diagram, the end of the greenhouse utilizes radiating steel tubing to provide both compression and tensile (push and pull) strength at the ends. The end foundation is made from power poles wrapped in 20 mil white opaque ripstop poly that keeps the power pole treatment away from the soil.

The heavy power pole ends provide a natural weight that keeps the end of the structure in place and allows the door frame to be secured to the poles. The door frame is a salvaged French door with a metal frame and one glass door that opens and one glass door that is stationary.

For additional strength, "ends" can be constructed in the middle of the greenhouse to provide additional rigidity to the structure. This is recommended for structures that are 45 feet or longer in length. Example "ends" for the middle of the structure are not shown in a greenhouse end view diagram, but will be provided in detail in the fabrication and installation instructions (available in 2009).

Ends can be constructed out of wood, metal tubing, or a combination as shown in the diagram. This portion of the design is largely dependent on your intended use and site considerations.

The small steel frame pedestrian door on the west side of my structure is intended for infrequent use. It was selected to withstand the high winds that we get from the west and northwest, and its ability to let in light for the plants within.

Building your own greenhouse not only supports your plan for frugal living, but it also gives you the opportunity to design different "ends" to meet your needs for pedestrian access, garden tractor access and so forth.

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