Hydronic System Filtration - optional

I have hydronic system filtration installed on my homemade hydronic system, although it's really not required. And, it's not necessary if you take care to flush your system well before you start using it.

The idea behind having a filter or strainer of some sort is to keep suspended particles from repeatedly impacting the pump impeller and damaging it. Particles can also create a source of flow obstruction if they settle in low spots in small tubes associated with water-to-air and water-to-water heat exchangers.

Hot water filter.

With this in mind, I installed a hot water filter unit on my homemade hydronic heating system, but I don't use it as such. I use it as a sediment bowl to catch heavier particles that would tend to damage the pump impeller and settle out in the system.

The hot water filter canister is tall and sits vertically, so it allows plenty of still water throughout its length for particulate to drop down into. It's similar to a sediment bowl that we might find on a farming tractor.

A filter can always be installed if necessary, but it would probably inhibit system flow and soon clog up with fine particulate that will be undoubtedly be created within the system as a result of corrosion.

Therefore, instead of relying on hydronic system filtration components, I simply make certain that I have made a thorough flushing of the system before startup. Using full flow flushing, particulate that is loose or prone to coming loose, is flushed out of the system so it doesn't present a hazard.

If a filter is used on the system, it's best to use a very coarse filter, like a strainer, to catch only the larger particles that could do damage to the system. This will provide the protection desired while not unduly inhibiting system flow.

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