Install Storm Windows - an alternative to replacing windows

You can install storm windows to provide another layer of insulation for your glazing. A storm window helps insulate more effectively by trapping air, thus creating "dead air," and it helps seal up windows that otherwise would leak air in and out.

I have dormer style windows that are old and leaky. Drafts could be felt coming through the bad seals. The windows have two parts, one piece of stationary glass on the top, and a dormer window on the lower part that swings out from the bottom on edge mounted hinges.

The storm windows for these dormer style windows attach to the frame around the glass, so the part of the window that opens and closes (and leaks air) isn’t sealed at all by the storm window. Instead of spending thousands on new windows for the house, I ordered custom made “outside” storm windows from a local glass shop to cover the entire window frame.

These cost around $600 for the materials and labor to create 12 outside storm windows. That amount of money would have covered only one new large double pane state-of-the-art replacement window. That's why I decided to install storm windows instead.

The outside storm windows now seal the entire window frame. Inside the custom made storm window is the regular window with its storm window attached to the glazing. This gives me a triple pane of glass on each window. On a cold day, the temperature difference between a single glazed and triple glazed window might be 8 degrees or more.

Better yet, since the custom storm windows fit to the window trim framing, they seal out the drafts that we used to have. You can't have "dead air" if it's moving.

This is another of the double duty energy saving tips - seal up your windows for saving energy, and save a bundle by avoiding the cost of replacement windows.

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