Italienischer - a spectacular lettuce

I'm a big fan of Italienischer lettuce. It makes my list of best vegetables. It's a spectacular variety of lettuce that creates a rather large "blossom" of large leaves that looks similar to a spear tip with some jagged edges.

The leaves are so large that a single serving salad could be made from a single leaf.

The texture of this lettuce is crisp and the flavor is sweet. If you plan to grow this variety, plant one seedling in a 2 foot diameter area. You'll need the space.

When mature this variety will completely fill up an area that you might normally set aside for a cabbage plant.

Italienischer lettuce leaf.

Italienischer is cold hardy to below freezing if you give it some additional protection, and it's among the more bolt resistant of the lettuce varieties that I grow.

Given the heat of a greenhouse, it will bolt, but other varieties start to bolt weeks ahead of this wonderful lettuce.

Photo right shows the size of these enormous spike shaped leaves.

I want to say that this type of lettuce defies categorization, but I'm certain someone has found a place for it. It's not a traditional loose leaf lettuce, it certainly isn't a butterhead lettuce, and it's not a romaine type either. It's best harvested one leaf at a time, so perhaps it's a leaf lettuce.

The characteristic pattern of growth is that of a tightly bunched plant that "blossoms" out with large spiked leaves. It's hard to believe until you see it for yourself.

Leaves from this lettuce variety would make a nice form of bedding for a party tray, but we like to tear them up for use in a salad. You'll like this variety because it's productive, sweet, crisp and tolerates heat quite well.

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