Juliette - one of the best tomatoes

The Juliette tomato variety is a small red tomato that I enjoy very much. It's an indeterminate variety that enjoys growing only as high a you care to reach. It's an abundant producer of elongated fruit that resembles large grapes or immature prune plums.

Varieties such as this bear fruit that are described as grape or plum in shape.

You'll find that this tomato has a thicker skin on it than other cherry tomatoes, but not too thick.

It's flesh is juicy but firm. I think it has a nice texture. And, it has a nice tomato flavor with good balance between acidity and sweetness.

The firm flesh of this tomato makes it perfect for slicing in half lengthwise for salads. Many of mine never make it into the house as I personally and immediately "can them" in the garden while doing chores.

There just isn't a better snack than the bite size delicious Juliette tomato that grows in abundance on a standard leaf plant. That's why it makes my best vegetables list.

You'll know when they're ready to pick as they will snap off the vine into your hand with just a little encouragement from you. Simply bend them off to the side a little, and the ripe ones will easily snap free from the stem.

I enjoy the grape/plum shape tomatoes very much. There is something about their shape that I think is special. The cherry tomatoes are fine, but something that has an unusual shape like the grape or plum type tomatoes is appealing to me.

With it's honest tomato flavor and nice firm flesh, I think you'll find it necessary to grow these fine tomatoes in your garden each year, just like I do.

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