Living on Less - you can do it

When we think of living on less, we tend to think of living on our own using less money than we used to. That often means sacrificing. Let's change that way of thinking right now. Let's start thinking outside of the "box" that we call our own.

Let's start thinking about how we might team with others so we can all live well, and well below our means.

It isn't a new idea, but it's something that many of us haven't thought about since we left the nest years ago.

Since leaving the nest, many of us have this idea that we need our own place and our own space and we can't have it any other way.

This is just not so. Frugal living can be accomplished easier and better if we team with others.

The Issue at Hand

The main concern is that many of us would like to fulfill some of our dreams, yet we can't seem to do this on our current income. The choices for living on less seem to be: more income; fewer and more realistic dreams; or doing without.

I know people that would like a boat, a vacation home and some remote property as a place to get away from it all. Many would like to travel. Some just want a nice place to live.

It's as if many of us have pieces missing from the "picture" of what our life should be. Could we find others to team with that might be able to provide those missing pieces? We sure could.

Could we find others with like interests, but not enough income, and then create a team with them? We sure could.

Examples to Consider

Here are some examples of people living on less because they chose to team with others to help meet their needs and wants on a budget.

  • When I first got out of school, a couple of my friends were interested in getting their own house. None of us could afford a house, but the three of us could rent a house together. We could all enjoy a nice place that would otherwise be unaffordable. That's an example of living on less by teaming with others that have like interests.

  • During my time in Washington D.C., I rented a room from a woman. We were teaming in a way. I was living on less because I had to, and she was too. She needed extra income, and I needed a cheap place to stay for a few months.

    She made extra money, and I avoided short-term rental headaches that would normally be part of renting an apartment. The house came with everything I wanted, and it worked fine for the short period I needed the place.

  • A friend of mine enjoyed travel, but she didn't have much money to throw around. So, she used to team with an organization that arranged shipping overseas for various companies. The companies would use the luggage allowance for the passengers to ship various items instead. This required the travelers to use carry on baggage only.

    Here's how it worked. She would pick the destination, and then make herself available to travel at the convenience of the company that wanted to ship things. If she did that, then she would fly free. She was living on less, and various companies would get a great discount on shipping items overseas.

  • I know of a situation where a man owns a house free and clear, and his female companion handles household expenses. He pays for taxes, insurance and repairs, and she takes care of groceries and the utility bills.

    This allows both to be living on less. It's a nice arrangement. One gets a home without cost, and the other gets food and energy without cost. Both live debt free with minimal monthly expenses as a team, but this wouldn't be the case if they were trying to do the same thing as individuals.

  • A friend of mine enjoys the finer things in life. Things like a large home, luxurious surroundings and great views. When living on less, these things don't seem possible, but she made them possible by teaming with others.

    She offered house sitting services for corporate executives in a manner that worked well for them. They provided her with a refrigerator full of food and beverages, and she would live in their home for up to two weeks at a time and take care of their mail, garbage and pets.

    Her life was full of luxury, she had no expenses outside of her regular home, her customers enjoyed peace of mind because their home and pets were being cared for, and all the while, she was living on less.

These are but a few examples of people enjoying a full life because they made an effort to team with others so they could enjoy living on less.

Wrapping it Up

If you're trying your hand at frugal living, you don't have to do this alone. You can team with others that have needs that you can fill, while at the same time have your needs satisfied. All it takes is a little imagination and a bit of searching around.

Whether it's housing, travel, transportation, food or whatever, chances are you can arrange a type of trade to satisfy your interests and that of others, so you can live a more fulfilling life while living on less.

The key is to actively seek such teaming arrangements instead of waiting for circumstances to force you into it. That way, you'll have choices and plenty of time to tailor the arrangement to your liking.

Done with Living on Less, take me back to Frugal Living Tips

There certainly is a broad scope of topics here at Frugal Living Freedom. When you think about it, money permeates so very many activities in our lives, therefore, being frugal encompasses a wide range of interests, from being employed to taking a vacation, and just about everything in between. Enjoy the variety, pick up some new ideas, and start making frugality a part of your signature.

I'm a big proponent of being debt-free, and I mean entirely debt-free - no mortgage payment. It's not essential for financial freedom, but you'll love the feeling once you get there. If you didn't have a rent or mortgage payment, how much more could you do for yourself with your current level of income? I suspect plenty.

If you ever hope to see an abundance of wealth, you need to plug the hole in your boat. The wealthy don't necessarily make lots of money, instead, they know how to hang onto what they make, and make it work for them.