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The summer of 2009 saw a newspaper article from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle discuss how to create a meal from local foods. It might seem like a trivial task, but it turns out to be quite difficult to do.

In America, it's not uncommon for our food to travel 1,000 miles or more before it reaches us. That's a long way for food to travel, just to get to your table. For those of us focused on frugal living, much of our food travels only a short distance.

Jodi Rogstad, a reporter from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle in Cheyenne, set about to create an entire meal from local products grown in and around Cheyenne. It's not an easy task considering that Cheyenne is located on a high plains, and it doesn't have a farming community to speak of.

Sure, there are ranches and specialty producers, but it's not like we're sitting in the middle of the corn belt. Roadside stands for vegetables are rare in these parts, largely because we're in the middle of a semi-arid wind-swept plain. It's not exactly ideal farming land.

When it comes to a farmers markets, much of the produce is driven in from Colorado, sometimes traveling a couple hundred miles or more. Nevertheless, Jodi was able to put together a meal from local sources, but it took quite a bit of driving around to find all the "fixins."

Jodi Rogstad of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.

As part of her journey, she made a stop at Best of Both Worlds to meet with me to discuss my adventures in self-sufficiency.

We chatted for quite a while about the idea of self reliance and about the variety of produce that we grow. We toured the greenhouses and chicken yard, and even got to harvest some fresh eggs out from under one of my broody hens.

Photo right shows Jodi holding some freshly picked beets and carrots.

After harvesting eggs and picking some butterstick summer squash, she was off to a few other locations and then back to her office to write the newspaper article about making a meal from local foods.

When the newspaper article came out, my neighbor called me to let me know that "Clair Schwan is on the front page of the newspaper." Well, that doesn't happen very often, so you can imagine it was an attention getter.

I was happy to participate in Jodi's adventure, and show off what we've done here with our greenhouse gardening. We had plenty of eggs and summer squash to share, and glad to help get the word out that we can regain some control of our food supply - it just takes a little effort.

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