Personal Business Relationship - it works well

Building a personal business relationship will always work in your favor.

If you're going to strike a good deal, it helps to know the seller, and let them get to know you.

This is especially helpful if you are going to make inquiries or negotiate prices over the phone. If they don’t know you, they won’t be nearly as willing to talk with you over the phone. They will want you in their shop before talking about those sticky details like pricing.

Besides, you can’t expect personal service and a friendly atmosphere if you haven’t had time to get to know the person. How long have they been in the business? Do they own these same things that you are interested in? If you have trouble with the item, will they be handling you personally?

You get the idea.

Here are two key points to remember:

People do business with people they know - even if the business relationship isn't exactly what they would like it to be.

People prefer to do business with people they like. That should be obvious. It adds to the pleasure of life.

So, it makes perfect sense to be a person that is known and liked.

But, don't give away too much information about your interests and enthusiasm. It can work against you.

Done with Personal Business Relationship, back to Frugal Shopping

There certainly is a broad scope of topics here at Frugal Living Freedom. When you think about it, money permeates so very many activities in our lives, therefore, being frugal encompasses a wide range of interests, from being employed to taking a vacation, and just about everything in between. Enjoy the variety, pick up some new ideas, and start making frugality a part of your signature.

I'm a big proponent of being debt-free, and I mean entirely debt-free - no mortgage payment. It's not essential for financial freedom, but you'll love the feeling once you get there. If you didn't have a rent or mortgage payment, how much more could you do for yourself with your current level of income? I suspect plenty.

If you ever hope to see an abundance of wealth, you need to plug the hole in your boat. The wealthy don't necessarily make lots of money, instead, they know how to hang onto what they make, and make it work for them.