Prescription Safety Glasses - make them effective for work in the shop

I wear glasses, so I have prescription safety glasses for when I work in the shop.

They aren't pretty, but they are effective.

Safety glasses are one of the tools I use in the shop to protect myself and help me work more efficiently and comfortably. I have the focal points on the lenses oriented for maximum effectiveness.

For fun, I refer to these glasses as my "chick magnets." They look like something worse than from 1960.

Even the Dude gives me a curious look when I wear them, and he usually doesn't care how I look.

The Need

I've always tried to take care of the most important things that I have - my sense of hearing, smell, eyesight, fingers and legs. Those make the top of the list because without them, you can't do things, you can't get around, and you can't appreciate life.

The most important is my eyesight. I just can't imagine not being able to appreciate some of the beauty in this world. The only thing that I do that doesn't require eyesight is sleeping, so eyesight makes the top of my list.

To protect my eyesight, I wear prescription safety glasses when I work in the shop. They offer good front and side protection for my eyes, and I have the lenses oriented for the kind of work that I do.

My Approach

When I went into the optometrist to order my prescription safety glasses, they were surprisingly cooperative with respect to my unusual request. I wanted three different focal points on the lenses, and I wanted them in locations that one normally wouldn't expect.

Usually lenses are adjusted for reading in the lower portion of the lens. I wanted my "closeup" focal point in the upper portion of the lens. Whether you're under a car, peering under the dash or staring straight into some fine work, this upclose work is usually done leaning forward with your eyes naturally looking slightly up, so my up close vision correction is in the upper portion of the lenses.

For working with saws, grinders and other bench mounted tools, I put the "arms length" focal point on the bottom of the lenses.

For seeing across the shop and walking around, the "infinity" focal point is in the middle of the lenses, right where it's most comfortable to be looking. This allows me to wear my prescription safety glasses during normal activities without realizing I have them on - until I get funny looks from my dog and other people.

Features of the Prescription Safety Glasses

My safety glasses have plastic reinforced frames, plastic lenses, and fine mesh side shields that allow for ventilation, and protect from flying chips and sparks.

I've worn glasses since I was in 7th grade, so I've always enjoyed protection from sand and grit that blows in the wind. If I ever go without glasses, I notice the difference in protection.

With prescription safety glasses, I get additional protection from the sides which is helpful when grinding in close quarters. At least twice with my regular glasses I have had sparks find their way through the open sides of my glasses and land on my lenses, melting their way into the lenses.

Thankfully those sparks didn't find my eyeballs and melt their way through. We all need the occasional reminder that threats to our eyesight are out there waiting to harm us if we're not careful and let our guard down.

If you work in a shop or are involved in other activities that kick up particles and create a hazard for your eyes, you should wear safety glasses. If you normally wear eyeglasses, then wear prescription safety glasses to provide vision correction the way you need it, and protection that your eyes deserve.

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