Maintain Properly Inflated Tires - and save gas

If you maintain properly inflated tires, you're getting better fuel economy, you'll have better control of your vehicle, and you're reducing tire wear as well. This makes checking tire inflation a good investment.

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"You should maintain properly inflated tires." It's one of the first fuel saving suggestions that you hear from people. Proper tire inflation does indeed consume less fuel because it reduces rolling resistance. Since your tires are constantly rolling around out there, any improvement in this area pays back a little in better gas mileage whenever your car is moving.

You can over inflate your tires to reduce rolling resistance, but that makes the tires wear improperly, so it results in higher costs for early tire replacement. It also reduces tire performance (grip and handling) on the road, especially in adverse weather.

If you properly inflate your tires, you get the best tire performance and longest tire life at the same time.

Tire pressure should be checked when the tires are cold. For best advice on proper pressure, look on the sidewall for the maximum pressure rating, and consult your owners manual or the tire store where you made the purchase.

In Cheyenne, I have found that Big-O Tires on Yellowstone Road is especially helpful, even if you haven’t purchased tires from them. I know they would be glad to hear from you, and they are always willing to help. Give them a shout at (307) 635 - 2905.

A good simple way to check your tire pressure is to look at them each time you fill up your tank. You’ll get an idea of how your tires typically look. On my vehicle, the fronts tend to look a little bit flatter than the backs because of engine weight.

Give a quick stroll around the car next time you fill up to see if the tires look odd. You may have a slow leak from a nail and this is a good way to check for that before the tire is ruined by being driven with too little air pressure. Otherwise, checking for properly inflated tires about once a month is probably sufficient to promote better gas mileage, good handling and longer tire wear.

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