Recession Proof Jobs - many employment opportunities

To say that recession proof jobs are in demand is an understatement. Many people don't think about having a job that resists downturns in the economy until they find themselves out of a job or enduring a cutback in their wages or hours.

Recession proof jobs won't be listed as such in the want ads of the newspaper, you'll have to find them yourself..

Let' me suggest five areas that I think are recession proof, and if you get employment in any of these areas, or you run a business with a similar focus, you'll likely work for as long as you care to. These type of organizations tend to do very well, regardless of whether we're in a boom or bust economy.

Here they are.


Whether it's wine, beer, schnapps, wine coolers or hard liquor, people are going to drink alcohol if they're so inclined. I've never heard of a liquor store going out of business because of a lack of demand, have you?

When I lived in Michigan, we had what were called "party shops" and they sold no alcohol at all, yet they did a big business and were very popular. If you wanted alcohol, you went down the street to the liquor store which was equally popular.

A bar or liquor store will offer recession proof jobs because people will tend to drink more during a recession.

Let's face it, people who want or need alcohol are going to get it, one way or the other. No amount of government regulation, even Prohibition, has ever slowed the flow of joy juice in this country. The stereotype we might envision is a factory worker who drinks most of his paycheck at the bar with his friends.

Such stereotypes aren't simply made up, they begin with at least a kernel of truth...I had a family member who fit that mold exactly.

There are drawbacks to owning or being employed in the liquor industry. Unless you're running a classy downtown watering hole, chances are that very few folks in a suit and tie will come through your door. Your customers might be tipsy, and you have to know that quite a bit of liquor sales will be handled in cash...a tempting item for thieves.

If you're dealing in alcohol, you're likely to be right in the middle of a bunch of recession proof jobs.


I've met all kinds of helpless, hapless and homeless folks who have all kinds of needs, but I've rarely seen one without a cigarette. Those cigarettes are coming from somewhere, and someone is buying them. It doesn't matter if they're "bummed" or borrowed or simply found somewhere, they're coming from a retail outlet and that means someone is buying them.

Addictions like tobacco offer recession proof jobs because even the homeless find ways to have a cigarette when they want one.

Even with all of the dangers of smoking being common knowledge, it's an addiction that is so very difficult to overcome. And, if it's not cigarettes, then it's chewing tobacco or cigars or something else. Some folks are going to need a nicotine fix, and that's all there is to it. It's an addiction to be sure.

Just think for a moment what was in high demand during wartime, it was cigarettes. They were often used as a commodity for bartering. They're still smuggled across state lines because of differences in taxes between the states.

Also consider that we've built glass rooms at airports so smokers can have their own type of aquarium. We used to designate smoking seats on airlines, and we still have those huddled masses outside the office building yearning to breathe smoke at 11 below zero on a windy day.

Anything to do with tobacco is likely to be one of the recession proof jobs.


Gambling, or the more friendly term "gaming" is a play on hope, and as odd as it seems, there are a large number of recession proof jobs based on hope. Think about it, it's hope that keep us going from one day to the next. We're always hoping that, maybe not tomorrow, but someday things will be better than what they are today.

Recession proof jobs abound in the gaming industry because there you'll find smoking, drinking and plenty of hopeful people willing to put their money at risk to win big.

Hope causes people to stay in bad jobs, elect corrupt politicians, yank at pull tabs, play scratch off games, play state lotteries and powerball, and pull the handle on the slot machine. It's a powerful emotion to be sure. Don't underestimate its ability to make people engage in unusual and even self-destructive behavior.

It's not only hope, but an attitude that suggests the only way one might make it big is by chance. You typically won't find successful executives gambling in casinos, they're too busy making money in ways that are more certain. They're just as confident of making lots of money in an enterprise as other are certain they can't. Either way, money is made and jobs are maintained...recession proof jobs.

If you work for a casino, chances are you'll be smack dab in the middle of hope, cigarettes and liquor...a recession proof jobs jackpot!

I know there is the aspect of entertainment associated with gambling, but I think you'll find those people over at the penny and nickel slots. The rest of the folks are playing based on hope.

Once in Tahoe, California I saw a retired woman whose hands were nearly black from the metal that wore off from the dollar tokens she was feeding into the slot machines. She was feeding two machines at a time, rapid fire. In many casinos, there is a limit as to how many machines one can play at one time...that's just how much hope drives people to risk their money.

Federal Government

When it comes to recession proof jobs, the federal government takes the cake. It's a safe haven for those who hope to stay employed, except in the most uncertain and depressed of economic times.

The federal government doesn't see a recession like private industry. Their broad base of taxation is relatively resilient because when one industry is down, others are up, and federal government revenues tend to stay more steady because they tax everyone, everything, and in every way possible. And, they borrow like crazy. It's only in large and long economic downturns that the federal government takes a hit and pulls in its horns.

The federal government is replete with recession proof jobs because their first line of defense in a recession is to raise taxes on a wide range of businesses so their operation can stay afloat.

I'm no fan of government, and I'd rather see a lot less of it, but when it comes to recession proof jobs, there lies the best hope of having one. It takes dynamite to get rid of a federal employee. Federal managers are always happy to increase their staff. Regulators enjoy squeezing the life out of the private sectors they regulate. The fun never ends.

If you doubt that federal government jobs are recession proof jobs, just recall the last time you heard someone say that the federal workforce was shrinking at an alarming rate. If the truth be known, the size and scope of the federal government generally expands during tough economic times. They need commissions, panels, agencies and all kinds of programs to help cure the ills that quite often they created in the first place.

You may have heard of all of the alphabet agencies that FDR promoted and put into place. Those were work programs created during recovery from a depression, and all of those programs needed people to manage and watch over them.

If history doesn't convince you, perhaps you memory will. It's likely that you, just like me, have seen any number of people lick their chops and say, "It’s a government job” as if it has built-in security. In a way they're right, the federal government probably has more recession proof jobs than anyone else. Of course they would, they're the largest employer in America, and seemingly accountable to only themselves.


Go ahead and tell me that utilities aren't a source of recession proof jobs. Just think of it, electricity, gas and water are wired and plumbed into nearly every home and business in the nation...they are essential, not optional. Therefore, utilities are very likely to have a wide range of recession proof jobs.

Utilities of all sorts offer recession proof jobs. It's one of their appeals. Who won't need utility service. They're the next best thing to a federal government job.

Whether you're part of management, administration, the technical end or digging a ditch, utilities are something that folks just can't do without, at least not very easily. Try turning off your water or electricity for a day or'll get the idea.

I have experience as a service provider to the electric utility industry, and I've never seen a recession, although others around me have told me about them. From my experience, I'd say it's a solid place to be. We can all do without government, but when the lights, heat and water go off, that gets our attention.

So, there you have five examples of sources of recession proof jobs. There are dozens more. I hope that you'll take a cue from this discussion that addictions, necessities, and the heavy hand of government create gainful employment that has staying power during tough economic times.

To be sure, there are other sources of recession proof jobs that might be much more appealing than these five areas, but these are a good place to start if you have no other ideas. Also, be sure to check out my discussion on the characteristics of a recession proof business, for if you can find one of these, they'll likely have one of those recession proof jobs waiting for you.

Done with Recession Proof Jobs, back to Making Money.

No one seeks a recession proof job more intensely than one who has lost a job because of a lackluster economy.

In the event you're looking for more help than I'm offering, here are additional resources that might be of interest to you.