Reckless Driving - a hazard to all

We all know a little about reckless driving and the hazards that it poses. The problem is simply that being reckless poses hazards for just about everyone - drivers, bystanders, pedestrians and others.

It doesn't matter whether you're on the road, on the sidewalk or in a place of business, the reckless among us have a way of getting at us when we least expect it.

Young drivers, and drivers who have been drinking are more likely to engage in reckless behavior behind the wheel.

The young believe themselves to be alert, capable and indestructible. Those who are drinking know better, but their inhibitions have been removed, so they're also likely to engage in driving recklessly.

Here's an example of why recklessness behind the wheel isn't such a great idea. There likely were fatalities in this accident. If not, then serious injuries to be certain.

This video brings to mind the idiocy of these individuals. They're not wearing seat belts, and that's why they were ejected from the vehicle as it spun up the embankment. Not only does flying through the air and hitting the ground cause serious injury, but the vehicle is likely to stay on the same path as you, and roll right on top of you.

So, you're not willing to engage in reckless driving? But it's still lots of fun to watch, isn't it? Think again as you see the man get run over by the rolling vehicle and then pulled out from under the car that's catching on fire.

I'm not of the mindset to throw away my life, nor am I interested in wrecking my vehicle or the lives of others. That's not to say that I haven't done my fair share of reckless activities, but the older I get, the more respect I have for the incredible potential for destruction that the mass and speed of a vehicle represents.

Here's another example of thoughtless, careless or reckless driving that takes place in a parking lot, and involves two pedestrians, multiple shoppers and the entire entry door of a business. How these things happen is hard to explain, but folks like this shouldn't have a driver's license.

You'll notice that the driver goes completely into the store and out of the view of the camera monitoring the entrance - and this is from a parking lot, not a surface street where speeds would be much higher.

Practice safe driving and leave the reckless driving to others who have less respect for life and property, and lots of money to spend on vehicles, defense attorneys, higher insurance premiums and civil suits.

Done with Reckless Driving, take me back to Safe Driving

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