Relocate - to a less congested area

Who likes to relocate their residence? I don't, but sometimes it's the best thing to do for your peace of mind and your wallet. You have choice as to where you live. A change of scenery might be exactly what you need to save some money on your transportation bill.

The relative difficulty or cost of this tip is rated 1 to 10. A rating of 10 suggests that this tip is the most difficult or most costly. Expected savings are also rated 1 to 10. A rating of 10 suggests that this tip will provide substantial savings in fuel, money or both.

Relocate to another town or area. You might just get a better living environment and lower cost of transportation, all rolled up into one.

I call Cheyenne, Wyoming my home. Here, heavy traffic is having 5 cars ahead of you on the same road traveling in the same direction.

Just north of town, I-25 often has only a few vehicles on it. If it were not for all the concrete, overpasses and guard rails, you would hardly recognize it as a freeway.

In Cheyenne, the boulevard in front of the mall and other restaurants and stores typically found in “anywhere USA” is the busiest road in Wyoming. Nevertheless, it only has heavy traffic a few times a year like between Thanksgiving and New Years.

During July and August we get heavy traffic on the freeways from people visiting the state or traveling to the biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. Selected portions of town also get more traffic during Cheyenne Frontier Days, but that is limited to about two weeks at the end of July. No big deal.

We can handle the aforementioned, while other cities around the country have heavy traffic all the time. That's one of the reasons that I chose to relocate to Cheyenne back in 1998.

If you have a job that requires extensive travel, especially by air, then you are a good candidate to relocate your residence to save gas when you are around the house. As long as you are a reasonable drive from a major airport or a connecting airport, then you are probably in a good position to live anywhere you want.

You don’t have to live in and around stop-and-go congestion unless you want to. It's your choice.

If you aren’t home most of the time due to travel requirements or field assignments, then what difference does it make if you live in a less crowded area when you are home? I’ll tell you that it makes a big difference – it’s known as relaxation, peace of mind and staying out of traffic congestion.

Cost or difficulty: 10
Savings: 7

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