Save Gas and Lower Your Cost of Transportation

Do you know how to save gas to reduce your fuel costs? You should, as it's an important part of a frugal living lifestyle that involves personal transportation.

It’s more than just getting better gas mileage for your vehicles. It means being more efficient and selective in many respects.

You need to know: how to drive most efficiently; when to drive and when to stay put; alternatives to driving; how to purchase fuel at least cost; and how to lower your overall transportation costs.

This is all quite important because getting you from one place to another is almost 20% of your cost of living. For most people, that's more than the cost of food.

Since we spend a lot in this area, we should be able to identify lots of ways to save.

Price per gallon of fuel is very influential with respect to your transportation costs, but you have little influence over that. You do have influence over most everything else that contributes to your total transportation costs, so start exercising that influence and you’ll save gas and save money in a meaningful way.

Here is quite a long list of my suggestions to help you save gas, pay less for it, and lower the overall cost of your transportation needs. The tips are organized alphabetically by the link that sends you to the page. Dive in and find out how to save gas and save money on your transportation bill. Use a tip by itself, and combine them with others to create your own approach to fuel efficient driving and lower transportation costs.

  1. If we pay attention to the road, that will help us achieve better gas mileage.
  2. For those of us who don't own a car, we could borrow a car when the need arises.
  3. Another one for the "car-less" among us - call a cab. Depending on where you live and where you have to go, it could be an inexpensive alternative to owning a car.
  4. Carpooling is one of the best ways to save gas and money while getting to and from work.
  5. If you change your work hours you can save fuel by avoiding the heavy traffic.
  6. Here are two ideas about how to by cheap gas to save money.
  7. Those who don't use a car very often would be better off considering one of the cheap used cars as a means to lower their overall transportation costs.
  8. Compact cars have always been good on gas, so you might want to consider a 4 cylinder car to help you save gas and save money.
  9. Having a compressed work week is one sure way of saving money on the cost of transportation. This is something you should try to get established for yourself.
  10. If you drive steady you can achieve higher fuel efficiency.
  11. Coasting is a simple way to boost your fuel economy.
  12. Your gas mileage will improve if you reduce your sail and drag.
  13. Be one of the gas savers by staying put until there is really a need to use the car.
  14. Here are three simple gasoline saving tips that are easy to implement.
  15. If you don't own a car, you could hire a driver to help you get around on occasion, and that would provide a little part-time income for one of your neighbors.
  16. Combining trips is how to save gas if you find yourself running a lot of separate errands.
  17. If you can't get out of it, it's best to idle through heavy traffic. It will save gas and save wear and tear on your car.
  18. If you keep your car serviced it will perform better and reduce your fuel costs.
  19. If you can relocate and live near work, that would help you tremendously with the cost of your commute.
  20. Is a motor scooter right for you? If I lived in a city, it would be my first choice.
  21. You can make a big improvement in your miles per gallon if you simply observe the speed limit.
  22. Properly inflated tires contribute to better fuel economy, better handling and longer tire wear - all of which save you money.
  23. Let's not forget that we have public transportation that we can call on to help meet our transportation needs.
  24. If you were to relocate to an area of lower congestion, this could have a large influence on your cost of transportation.
  25. For those who don't own a car, you can always rent a car for those rare occasions when you need one.
  26. Pedal power is still a good choice. See if you might be able to ride a bike to meet your transportation needs.
  27. You might be surprised how much gas you can save if you team up with a neighbor and help one another with running errands.
  28. One of the best ways to save fuel is avoid wasting it - stop unnecessary idling and you'll avoid the most common waste of fuel.
  29. In you can buy in bulk, you can really save on gas in a meaningful way.
  30. Another good approach to fuel efficient transportation is a small motorcycle. It's fun and economical.
  31. If you slow down and stop fighting head winds you'll save gas that otherwise is consumed trying to push hard against air that is pushing hard against you.
  32. Sometimes your miles per gallon can be improved if you take a different route and avoid all the congestion.
  33. If you have the option to telecommute then this will make a huge difference in the cost of getting to and from work.
  34. You can save a little if you know when to turn off the AC in your car.
  35. Does anyone ever walk to work anymore? I would if I could.

Keep in mind that the amount of fuel you save will depend on the type of car you drive. Getting better gas mileage will also depend on how far “off the mark” you are with respect to driving techniques that maximize work performed and minimize efficiency losses. Lastly, the total amount of money you save will depend on how much you drive.

As you review these suggestions, you’ll notice that ideas with higher potential to save gas and money are generally those with a higher cost or difficulty. Ideas with lower potential to save gas and money also have a lower cost or difficulty. At least this is how I think it will turn out for the average person.

For the truly dedicated, you'll want to evaluate alternative transportation to help you save gas and keep more money in your pocket, while still meeting your needs for personal transportation. Just be sure to stay away from serious consideration of what I consider to be undesirable forms of transportation.

Here are my picks for the "best of" when it comes to ways to save money on gas and effectively reduce transportation costs. And, here is a quick look at my personal transportation choices over the years.

For those of you wondering why is gas so expensive, here is the explanation. It's supply and demand, as usual, but of a different sort this time.

If you are curious about some of the processes involved in using and saving fuel, then let me help you understand the basics of how fuel is consumed in a vehicle. Use it wisely and you’ll save gas and save money. Use it unwisely and you are wasting money. If you understand the basics of fuel efficiency, then you can better appreciate how to save money on gas.

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