Septic Tank Products - seeing is believing

In this discussion about septic tank products as money making scams, you would probably expect me to make a joke like "don't throw your money down the toilet." Well, as you can imagine, that kind of crap is beneath me, so I won't go there...again.

My experience with septic tank care products comes from a phone conversation I had with a man trying to help me head off septic tank problems. I think he was full of what he was trying to help me with. Here is my story about keeping my frugal living "guard" up.

When dealing with people trying to talk you out of your hard-earned money, you'll want to keep your guard up too.

I received a call about one of the septic tank products that was supposed to keep my septic tank and leach field clean, and it only cost $15. It was guaranteed to work or my money back. Sounds great. How could you go wrong? Well, let's see.

The call went something like this:

Clair: So, how does this product work? What's in it that makes it work so well?

Caller: That information is all provided along with the product. It comes with the product.

Clair: I'd like to learn more about how this works before I decide to make a purchase.

Caller: If you're not 100% satisfied, we refund your money.

Clair: How will I know it's working?

Caller: Like I said, if you're not 100% satisfied, we refund all your money.

Clair: Yes, I understand that, but how do I know its providing me with the benefit that I paid for?

Caller: Well, as long as your septic system is working well, then you know you don't have any problems and our product is working.

Clair: Yes, but I'm not having trouble now, so how will I recognize an improvement in my septic system performance that's attributable to your product?

Caller: Like I said, if you're not satisfied, we'll refund your money.

Clair: That's clear, but consider that every part of my septic system is underground. The tank is underground. The leach field is underground. The only thing I can see is my toilet bowl.

I could dump anything down the system and if nothing goes wrong, like nothing is going wrong now, then I could claim that whatever I dumped down the system is working just fine.

How can I tell that your product is making a difference in a system that is completely underground?

Caller: Click!

Problem solved. The caller couldn't tell me how I would know that his product was effective. There was no verifiable measurement of speed, flow, level, color, sound, or anything else that would prove that I was getting my money's worth.

His solution was to simply hang up the phone and end my involvement in his money making scam because he couldn't corner me into a sale. He knew that there was no way to prove that his product was effective and worth the investment of $15.

If you're selling a product, let's say one of the septic tank products, wouldn't you have some idea how to measure the effectiveness of the product? If you couldn't explain to your potential customers how to recognize its direct effectiveness, at least you would admit that.

If someone is trying to sell you one of the septic tank products, and they abruptly hang up the phone on you, you can bet they are involved in a money making scam. In the case of my telephone conversation about septic tank problems, he beat me to the punchline because I was getting ready to hang up on him - not so abruptly, of course.

It's not the $15 that's such a big deal. It's the monthly, quarterly or annual "recharge" of the system with another $15 worth of product that is the big deal. And, of course, the deception is also a big deal.

Frugal living demands keeping your guard up against hustlers.

Done with Septic Tank Products, take me back to Money Making Scams

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