Stop Fighting Head Winds - slow down and save

If you stop fighting head winds, you'll get better fuel economy, and you'll have better control of your vehicle. It's a double benefit.

Slow down and let others run the race against the wind.

The relative difficulty or cost of this tip is rated 1 to 10. A rating of 10 suggests that this tip is the most difficult or most costly. Expected savings are also rated 1 to 10. A rating of 10 suggests that this tip will provide substantial savings in fuel, money or both.

Stop fighting head winds. When traveling into high winds, if you go a bit slower you can get better gas mileage. A head wind is similar to going too fast – it causes friction on the car, and you use more gas to overcome wind resistance. For high winds, I suggest slowing down to about 20% below the posted speed limit, and you’ll be saving on fuel while being more in control of your vehicle.

Here in Wyoming we know whatever mankind needs to know about wind and transportation. Tractor trailer rigs are tipped over by the wind, whether they are moving or standing still. Wind can blow so hard that you can’t stand up in it. Stones are picked up and tossed on your vehicle by the wind. Train cars are tipped off the tracks by the wind.

I'm not exaggerating even a little.

We have wind here in the wild wide-open State of Wyoming like you probably have never experienced. When you see billboards along the interstate blown over by the wind, their wooden posts snapped off like matchsticks, you know that the wind is serious out here.

If you stop fighting the wind, you’ll be safer and get better fuel economy.

Cost or difficulty: 1
Savings: 3

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