Tailgating - unsafe for both parties

Tailgating is when the driver behind you looks like he (usually a he) wants to park in your trunk, or simply hook up to your rear bumper and tag along with you.

It's unsafe because there isn't sufficient space between the vehicles to provide a margin of safety for reaction time. What if he's not able to stop as quickly as you might need to?

Even though it's unsafe, I get a big kick out of those who engage in it because I see it as people who desperately need to follow others.

It's "follow the leader," just like we learned in elementary school. That's fine, but it could easily lead to a game of "tag," so that's why I get those drivers off of my rear bumper.

To do it, you simply slow down until they find it unbearable to follow behind you as such a slow moving "leader." Here's a comical example.

Once while driving through a construction zone south of Chicago, this fellow and his companion got right up on my rear bumper and stayed there like they were stuck in place. The speed limit through the construction zone was 45 miles per hour, and so that was my rate of speed.

Sidebar: You can't blame me for traveling at the posted speed limit simply because it's the legal limit, and there were signs everywhere explaining how many thousands of tickets had been written that month for speeding through the construction site.

Anyway, after a few minutes, I realized that this guy was going to stay right there on my bumper, so I gave him the slowdown treatment - one mile per hour at a time, I slowly lower my speed until the offending driver stops tailgating and goes around me. Then, I resume my regular speed.

Well, the funny thing about this tailgating fool was that he didn't seem to notice at all that my speed was dropping below the point where it was acceptable to travel. Well into the 30s, he was still right on my bumper. Finally at 32 miles per hour, he realized that he could be running alongside the car just about as fast as he was driving it, and he went around me.

He wasn't going to be embarrassed by having a slowpoke for a leader!

After he got off my bumper, I simply sped back up to 45 miles per hour and continued on my way, while my friend and his friend found another leader more worthy of their attention and obedience.

It's hard for me to understand why people would choose my car for their tailgating. I don't even have a bumper sticker on it to keep them occupied during their close encounter.

Done with Tailgating, take me back to Safe Driving

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