Telecommute - no gas required

How wonderful would it be if you could telecommute instead of driving to and from your office? I know someone who lives and works on their boat, and they run an entire company. So, why couldn't you telecommute - at least part time.

The relative difficulty or cost of this tip is rated 1 to 10. A rating of 10 suggests that this tip is the most difficult or most costly. Expected savings are also rated 1 to 10. A rating of 10 suggests that this tip will provide substantial savings in fuel, money or both.

Telecommute. You can be one of the gas savers in your company if your job doesn’t require that you be in the same office as the rest of the company every hour of each work day.

Ask about possibilities to work from home or some other location that is easier and cheaper to get to. Company policy probably doesn’t address this, so you should raise the issue as a way for employees to save gas.

Understandably, some companies would be reluctant to allow employees to work without supervision. Okay, but what about working remotely one or two days a week? That would save about 20% to 40% on fuel costs associated with getting to work. Where else can you get that kind of savings?

For some types of work, you must have a place of employment because there is equipment, warehousing, deliveries, customers stopping by, and large office requirements. For other types of work, you could save gas by working out of your home, especially if it makes no difference to the customer.

Here are types of employment that are normally operated out of a central office, but could be operated from a remote setting that would allow you to telecommute:

  • Consulting
  • Law
  • Decorator
  • Writer
  • Customer service
  • Order fulfillment
  • Telemarketing
  • IT support
Okay, so maybe you can’t work remotely all the time, but there are some work assignments that might best be done “off campus”. This could mean anywhere away from the office – perhaps your home. “Off campus” activities help eliminate office distractions that can otherwise be a nuisance. Examples include:
  • Executive support
  • Grant and proposal writing
  • Editing
  • Brain storming and problem solving
  • Company policy development
  • Strategic planning
Be a hero in your company and suggest a clear and effective telecommute policy. With high speed Internet service, e-mail and phone service available nearly everywhere (for a low flat rate), it isn’t necessary that people spend all of their time in an office that requires a commute. There are probably many others in your company that are interested in cutting down on their time in the car.

Do you have a job where someone in the office usually calls you for information or help over the phone? If so, then you might be in a good position to provide that information and help over the phone from the comfort and convenience of your home-based office. What a great way to save gas.

Wouldn’t you enjoy having a 60 second commute in the morning wearing slippers and a robe, and carrying a cup of coffee? I sure would.

Cost or difficulty: 7
Savings: 7

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