Wine Review - Octavin Sauvignon Blanc

How nice to have my first wine review be such a pleasant experience. Sit back in a comfortable chair, and let's enjoy this Sauvignon Blanc together. It's called Silver Birch, and it's a product of New Zealand.

I received this wine for review from Octavin Home Wine Bar. It arrived in appropriate packaging and included basic wine notes. I immediately placed the box in the refrigerator to chill.

The notes were placed off to the side, without so much as reading a single word. There is no sense allowing them to predisposition me about the "bottled poetry" I was about to experience.

I began my evening wine review just before dinner. With pencil and paper at the ready, I prepared myself to savor the moment and the wine. After all, I had been asked to conduct a wine review, and I'm either going to do it right, or not at all.

Photo right shows external packaging and insulated sleeve. The tasting started with a slightly chilled wine that was allowed to get comfortable for several minutes in an oversized glass with a long stem. The Sauvignon Blanc before me was a beautifully clear wine with a nice light straw color. The nose had hints of citrus, and prominent overtones of grapefruit. It's just the type of aroma that begs you to have a taste.

And, that was my intention. After all, I fully recognized my obligations with respect to this wine review.

Our sense of smell provides us with perhaps the strongest memories that we have, and the Silver Birch immediately took me back, with great pleasure, to my days in the California wine country - Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley and Mendocino County. My nose detected freshly uncorked wine - the first glass poured by a gracious host behind the tasting bar at a well known winery. Although I was sitting at home in the dining area, I felt surrounded by hundreds of acres of grapes that were soaking up the sunshine, eager to be part of the next vintage that I might taste.

It was clear to me that this wine distinguished itself, at the very first taste, from many other box wines on the market. In a modest but clear manner, it let me know that it was a premium wine. I enjoyed watching the long legs cling to the side of the glass while I savored my taste.

I think you'll find the flavor of this wine as I did, consistent all across your palate. It announces its presence with a nice acidic quality that allows it to stand up and be noticed with mild foods.

I enjoyed a sip along with a bite of sauteed chicken with onions and light spices, and to my surprise, the chicken quickly took on a roasted turkey breast quality. Another sip went very well with a thick-cut pork chop. It was a perfect companion for the grilled pork.

The Silver Birch also went quite well with a Brie cheese. A Farmer or Muenster would also be an excellent companion for this pleasant varietal.

The sharp bite of a Roquefort cheese made the Silver Birch disappear for a moment, but it came back with a surprising sweetness as a reward for my having taken another sip. It can also show off a nice pear flavor when you get down to the bottom of the glass and give it a good swirl.

What is most surprising about this wine is it has an "aged in oak" quality, yet it's made in stainless steel. Dry wine enthusiasts who are looking for the effect of tannins in the wine won't be disappointed, but if you're looking for a strong tannin flavor, complexity, and a little harshness in a dry wine, you'll have to look elsewhere.

This wine is consistent in it's flavor; it provides a classic dry wine profile from the first sip to the last.

As I wrapped up my wine review, I stepped out onto my deck and looked up at the sky. What a beautiful clear night it was here in southeast Wyoming. The milky way was visible, there were thousands of stars up there beckoning me to gaze for as long as I liked. It occurred to me that my friends in New Zealand, who crafted this wine, don't have the same view of the night sky as we do here in North America. Nevertheless, they had been successful in connecting with another wine lover on the other side of the earth for as long as that eight-sided box of wine provided a taste of their bottled poetry.

Ahhh, no matter what crazy man-made events are happening around us, the night sky, a quiet place in the country, and a nice glass of wine from friends we haven't yet met, can all bring to a focus some of the finest things that humankind has to offer.

No wine review would be complete without stating the drawbacks, and I do this without reservation. Fair is fair. My notes are clear on this, the only disappointment one might experience with Octavin Silver Birch Sauvignon Blanc is when the glass gets down so low that swirling becomes a futile effort. Thankfully, it comes to us three liters at a time, so when you're getting low on nectar, help is only a twist of the spigot away.

That's wraps up my wine review. To all my fellow wine lovers and friends focused on frugal living, cheers!

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