Consider a Wood Stove for Heating

You can use a wood stove to save energy. Well, not really energy so much as money. Heating with wood can be a real money saver if you can get your supply of firewood at no cost.

I have a couple of fireplace inserts that supplement the heat in my home, so I implement this energy saving tip with a passion. I like to use the inserts to keep us warm in the winter. They work well except during the very coldest times.

I know of someone that has a wood stove in their office for heat.

Wouldn't it be nice to heat your office with wood while you have a conference call, write a letter, or edit a report? It sounds good to me.

The advantages of wood heat are:

  • ambiance
  • view of the fire
  • satisfaction of providing your own warmth
  • stoves can heat water and cook food
  • specific areas of your home can have an elevated temperature for greater comfort
  • many sources of wood are free except for the cost of hauling

Not everything is great when it comes to using a wood burning appliance to heat your home. Let's look at some of the drawbacks.

  • you must tend the fire and keep it fed
  • ashes need to be cleaned out regularly
  • it's a potential fire hazard
  • stoves are always a burn hazard
  • wood must be cut and stacked and brought in for use
  • you'll find both wood and ash to be messy
Despite the disadvantages of wood heat, I love the comfort and satisfaction I get from my wood burning stoves. Just about the time I am getting tired of "wood in and the ash out," spring has sprung and I don't need to be concerned about wood heat for another 6 or 7 months.

I know that wood can be expensive, but you're going to need some if you intend to heat with it. You're going to need Wood Rescue to help you round up plenty of fire wood for that nice wood heat.

When it comes to heating with wood, it isn't such a simple matter. There are lots of issues to think about and deal with - clearances, fire hazards, storage of wood, tending the fire, fire safety. So, if this sounds like too much risk and work, then you might consider an outdoor wood furnace instead of a wood stove, or just skip the idea of a wood heat altogether.

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