Work at Home Businesses - limited enterprises

Let's do some brainstorming about work at home businesses that you might consider as a limited enterprise to get involved with. I'm talking about work that you do, in a professional manner, but not as a full-time business.

If you think about it, wouldn't it be wonderful if your part time endeavor blossomed into a full time occupation? It might be the perfect way to transition from a corporate slave to being an employer who hires only the best - you!

Let's look at a few of the benefits.

I think you'll agree with me that it's worth considering. What I like best about limited enterprises as work at home businesses is:

  • It's something you're likely to have a passion about.
  • This gives you a chance to "test the waters" of free enterprise.
  • You can grow the business into a full-time endeavor if you desire.
  • Since you started it at home, you don't have to ask your employer if it's alright to work from home.
Okay, let's look at some activities that you might consider. Think of your interests, skills and time available. Imagine yourself doing these and see if they would be fun, challenging, rewarding or otherwise satisfying to you as one of many work at home businesses.

Remember, many people don’t like their job. If you’re going to start one of the many work at home businesses, you shouldn’t be doing something you don’t enjoy – right inside you own home. Choose something that you know you can do well and you'll enjoy doing.

Opportunities for work at home businesses can be grouped into several categories. Here is my way of grouping the opportunities, in no particular order of importance:

  • crafts
  • writing
  • teaching
  • repair
  • personal care
  • food preparation
  • animals
  • professional service
There are other good work at home businesses, but this list should be sufficient for a good discussion. I'm only going to touch on each category briefly so we can get through this sizable list in a short time.

Within each area, remember that there are many considerations when starting an enterprise such as:

  • Who and how many will want to buy it?
  • How do I get the word out?
  • Do I mail, deliver by hand, or do customers pick up?
  • Will I need to display my products?
  • How much do I charge?
  • What are the resources I'll need to have?
  • How much time will I need to dedicate to be successful?
  • What are the costs associated with running this business?
  • Will I need a license or other permitting?
Here we go...

In the area of crafts, there are a wide range of things to consider. There are things you sew, paint, knit, assemble, carve, throw (as in pottery), thread (as in beads), print, cur, etch, draw, solder or otherwise create by hand.

If you enjoy writing, you can write for a newspaper, magazine, individuals seeking employment, companies seeking to send out a bid request, a blog, an article website, your own website, a company looking for a technical writer, or an organization that needs help getting things down on paper in clear language.

The area of teaching is also a wide open field as there are needs for tutors, piano teachers, golf instructors, and instructors for sailors, motorcyclists, drivers, dog owners, foreign travelers, singers, those interested in self-defense, shooters, hunters, guitar players and those who want to be good speakers. The list is endless with respect to what you can teach.

If you have a passion for maintenance and repair, you can work on small engines, cars, motorcycles, farm equipment, home appliances and many other items that are prone to failure.

You don't see many small repair shops anymore because our culture embraces cheap products that are disposable. If you doubt this, just go to Wal-Mart and see if you can buy a toaster for $11. I'll bet you can.

Therefore, this type of work should probably specialize in repairing things that people want to hang onto. Things like antique tractors, classic cars and the like.

The area of personal care is a broad one. I know a lady who does nails in her home. Another does massage therapy. Yet another does hair. There is a man in town that offers VIBE treatments. Why not a tanning salon? Although tattoos aren't really personal care, they are more like permanent personal decoration, you might include that art form here as well.

Food preparation is something many people have a knack for. A couple I met recently make their own brand of hot sauce and sell it on the Internet and in local stores. They process it in their own home. Specialty baking, cooking and catering can all be done from a home location, but you might need to be mindful of health regulations.

In the area of animals, there is also a wide range of work from home opportunities. You can dog sit, raise animals, train animals and groom them. Multiply the number of services by the different pets and small animals, and you'll have a large number of services that you can offer. But, you got to love them critters.

There are also work from home opportunities for those that want to provide professional services like tax return preparation, IT support, virtual assistant, software programming and troubleshooting, counseling, technical advise and management consulting.

Well, there you have a short list that starts to scratch the surface of the possibilities that you might consider. There are so many others. Focus on what you are good at, what you know, what you'll enjoy, and what there is a demand for, and you'll be in good shape right from the start.

If you’re looking to start a full time enterprise, take a look at profiles of honest home based businesses to see what others have done. This should at least be a source of inspiration to press on until you find your niche in the marketplace.

Whether you need extra income, or just want to establish yourself an emergency fund as part of your frugal living plan, part-time jobs and limited enterprises in the form of work at home businesses are a good way to do it. For the more serious among us, refer to sensible small business ideas for a taste of what it takes to run a serious full-time enterprise of your own.

Done with Work at Home Businesses, back to Making Money

There certainly is a broad scope of topics here at Frugal Living Freedom. When you think about it, money permeates so very many activities in our lives, therefore, being frugal encompasses a wide range of interests, from being employed to taking a vacation, and just about everything in between. Enjoy the variety, pick up some new ideas, and start making frugality a part of your signature.

I'm a big proponent of being debt-free, and I mean entirely debt-free - no mortgage payment. It's not essential for financial freedom, but you'll love the feeling once you get there. If you didn't have a rent or mortgage payment, how much more could you do for yourself with your current level of income? I suspect plenty.

If you ever hope to see an abundance of wealth, you need to plug the hole in your boat. The wealthy don't necessarily make lots of money, instead, they know how to hang onto what they make, and make it work for them.